Autosguayre general conditions
general conditions Autosguayre
Autosguayre S.L. Teguise de Lanzarote
general conditions de Autosguayre
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General conditions

1 Use of vehicle
Renter receives the rented vehicle and accesories described in the contract in good condition and undertakes to drive said vehicle carefully and in accordance with the law.

It is expressly prohibited:
A) To carry passengers or goods when this implies subleasing the vehicle directly or indirectly.
B) The operation of said vehicle by any person who is not authorised by the contract.
C) To drive said vehicle when driver´s physical condition is impaired by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illnes.
D) To break the seal of, or interfere with the mileometer. Its failure must be immediately notified to Leaser.
E) To drive by bad roads and in case of accident the insurance will be void and without effect.

2 Return of vehicle
Said vehicle will be returned on the date and to the place specified in the contract. Any alteration to the agreed place and date of car´s return must be previously authorised by Leaser. This condition entitles Leaser to demand in Court the restitution of the vehicle.

3 Rental charges
Renter agrees to pay in addition to the rental charges and taxes stipulated in Lessor´s valid tariff, all expenses resulting from missing vehicle documents, valued in 12 EUR, tools and accesories, as well as fines and Courts cost for traffic and other legal violations caused through fault of renter during term of this agreement.

4 Insurance
The car insurance provided covers the renter and the drivers authorised by the contract against third party liability in Spain. Renter´s liability is limited to 42,07 EUR against loss or damage to said vehicle by fire or theft. Damage by collision shall be waived if renter has obtained in advance the collision damage insurance as evidenced by this signature in the insurance space provided in the contract.

5 Accidents
Renter agrees to take the following action in case of an accident:
A) Not to admit liability or guilt.
B) To obtain full details of parties involved and witnesses, filling in the forms enclosed with the car documents, which shall be forwarded immediately to Leaser. Serious accidents shall be reported immediately by telephone.
C) To hotify the authorities at once if another party´s guilt has to be ascertained.

6 Repairs
Leaser shall reimburse renter for the costs of greasing, oil changes and minor repairs (except punctures and damage to tyres) up to 4.20 EUR providing all bills or receipts to substantiate such expenses be shown to Leaser. Permission must be obtained from Leaser before carrying out major repairs over 4.20 EUR or having the vehicle towed.

7 Leaser Liability
All precautions have been taken to prevent mechanical failure of said vehicle, but if failure should occur, the renter hereby releases the Leaser from any liability for loss or damage arising out of such failure, directly or indirectly. The renter admits full knowledge of the terms of this contract.